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Multifunctional blanket – a blanket for the car seat, stroller, or basket.

The blanket closes with zippers on both sides. These sides can be easily removed, so the blanket becomes the pad.
The pad is intended for use on hot summer days in order to prevent the child from sweating. A practical hood protects the child’s head and ears.
Thanks to the special strap openings, the blanket is suitable for 3 and 5 strap strollers/car seats.

After the upper part is removed via the zippers, as long the child is riding in the stroller, the stroller pad can be used in the stroller toddler seats or umbrella strollers.

45 x 85cm

100% cotton on both sides, between the outer and inner material there is a polyester anti-allergy filling

Machine wash at max. 30ºC and air dry.

Please note: Mamino does not recommend using the blanket/pad while driving in the car but only while driving on a stroller construction.

Product made in Vinkovci, Croatia.