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Tetra Diapers Set 10/1

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Exceptional softness and superior design make our tetra diapers the finest on the market.

Made of 100% cotton muslin, they are soft, absorbent, and breathable, and as such can be used for various purposes: as a blanket, bed mat, wipe, wide swaddling cloth, protection for your clothes while wearing a baby, as a blanket for breastfeeding…

The set includes ten diapers and muslin bag for diapers.

Dimensions of diapers: 

2 diapers size 80x80 cm
2 diapers size 35x35 cm
6 diapers size 20x20 cm

      100% cotton,  anti-allergy filling 

      Machine wash at max. 30ºC and air dry.

      Product made in Vinkovci, Croatia.